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AST Laser Vision Correction
Advanced Surface Treatment (AST) Laser Vision Correction can give you a new outlook on life.

Improve your vision without flaps associated with LASIK!
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Laser Vision Correction

Advanced Surface Treatment, (AST) Laser Vision Correction

The state-of-the-art Advanced Surface Treatment (AST) procedure is now available at the office of Dr. Mang. With AST, the laser accesses the corneal tissue, not by cutting a flap, but by separating just the thin upper layer of the cornea known as the "epithelium". An FDA approved epikeratome is used to gently separate the epithelium off the cornea. Your vision is then corrected using the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q. In addition, it is suggested from recent studies that AST can provide more predictable outcomes when combined with the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q than the traditional LASIK procedure because the bed upon which the laser ablates is smoother with this technique.

In regards to recovery, 95% of patients are back to their normal activities, including work, the next day following LASIK surgery. With AST, patients, often have to take a few days off. But, most patients feel that the increased safety and more predictable outcome is worth the extra time spent.

Before a surgical laser can be used to correct your vision in LASIK eye surgery, a flap must be cut in the clear covering over the front of your eye (the cornea) and folded back to give the laser access to the tissue beneath.

The flap is cut using either a blade, called a microkeratome, or a laser, such as Intralase. Once the flap has been cut and folded back, the excimer laser then reshapes the front of your eye to correct myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. After LASIK eye surgery, the corneal flap is replaced and allowed to heal on its own. It is during this replacement and healing process, or during the actual cutting of the flap, that most complications occur. An imperfect or incomplete cut, or irregular healing can make your outcome less than expected. These complications and others associated with LASIK eye surgery are causing New Jersey residents, in ever increasing numbers, to choose AST Laser Vision Correction over LASIK and Dr Mang for their eye surgeon.

Is AST right for me?

AST is a procedure that can benefit a person with an active life style who is looking to reduce their dependence on glasses or contact lenses. AST is a surgical procedure, and like any other procedure there are risks involved. The most common AST complication is dry eye, or nighttime vision problems like halos or glare. Most patients find these complications bearable compared to benefits they received through the procedure.

The recovery time with the AST procedure is relatively fast. Although it is recommended that you shouldn’t drive for a few days after the procedure, patients can generally go back to work the following Monday after a Thursday procedure. Complete recovery can take as long as three weeks as patients see gradual improvement in their vision as the epithelium re-grows and heals naturally. 

If you are interested in finding our more about Advanced Surface Treatment (AST) please contact Dr. Mang to schedule a consultation.

What to expect during your procedure?

On the day of your procedure you will receive final tests and then dilating eye drops.  The eye drops will take about one hour to work and then you will be brought into the laser operating room and asked to lay down on the operating table. You will be able to look directly up at the laser. Topical anesthetic eye drops will be administered so that you will only feel pressure during the procedure.

Because of Dr. Mang’s dedication to creating a personalized relationship with each patient he will walk you through each step of the procedure as they occur. He will answer any questions you may have as he tries to make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Your recovery time will depend on the procedure. Dr. Mang will discuss your individualized post operative instructions with you to make sure you understand the limitations and recovery time of your surgery.

Am I a candidate for Laser Vision Correction with Dr. Mang?

In order to determine if you are a candidate for a Laser Vision Correction, it is important that you meet the following candidacy requirements:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Have stable vision for at least 2 years
  • No existing serious medical conditions that affect your eyesight
  • Not suffering from refractive errors that can’t be treated by a laser vision correction procedure
  • Have reasonable expectations of the results
  • Has undergone a complete eye exam

If you feel that you meet these preliminary requirements its time to contact Justin Mang, MD to make an appointment. Not everyone is an ideal candidate for Laser Vision Correction. It is important to speak directly with Dr. Mang to discuss your expectations.

Dr. Mang is proud to offer Laser Vision Correction through the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q and Wavefront Optimized™ Technology

The ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q customizes every treatment to the patient’s individual prescription and cornea while aiming to improve what nature originally designed. The Wavefront Optimized™ treatment considers the unique curvature and biomechanics of the eye, preserving quality of vision and addressing the spherical distortions that can induce glare and night vision reduction

Accuracy Total Control

Taking human sight beyond 20/20 is possible. The ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q customizes every treatment to the patient’s individual prescription and cornea while aiming to improve what nature originally designed. Wavefront Optimized™ treatment considers the unique curvature and biomechanics of the eye, preserving quality of vision and addressing the spherical distortions than can induce glare and night vision reduction.

Eye Tracking Technology

Due to the remarkable speed of both the eye and the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q procedure, the laser beam needs to be constantly and minutely adjusted to the position of the eye at any given time. Every four to six milliseconds, the eye’s location is measured and the internal mirrors of the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q are automatically aligned. Just before the pulse is released, a second check is made to confirm that the eye has not moved. This happens 200 times every second, once for every laser pulse. If, at any time, the eye moves too quickly to be measured or moves out of range, the laser will stop and wait for the eye to move back into position.


Currently, the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q is the fastest vision correction laser for LASIK available in the United States. At 200 laser bursts per second, it takes only about four seconds of treatment to correct one diopter. Of course, spending less time under the laser means less stress and discomfort for the patient.